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 HSI-STEM group

Welcome Students, Parents and Educators! 

Our HSI-STEM Outreach team is very passionate and focused on providing future Mission College STEM students (and parents) with information, resources, various first-hand experiences/field trips that will expose and prepare them for diverse STEM majors and careers.

Outreach Services Offered:
  • In-class STEM presentations
  • Campus visits with a series of STEM activities (paid transportation, food, etc.)
  • Bilingual parent workshops (community college, financial aid, STEM, etc.)
  • STEM-related field trips
  • STEM Week (per semester)
  • Summer STEM Camp
  • Providing high school teachers with STEM Professional Development (opportunities/conferences)

The Importance of STEM Education

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Why Pursue a STEM Major?

Given our locality within Santa Clara County, we are literally in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

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The Importance of STEM

STEM is important because our world depends on it. The economy, our general well-being-- it is all backed by STEM.

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Recent Outreach Events

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East Side Union HS District

Students from the East Side Union High School District in San Jose participated in a week long STEM Camp.

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Hispanic STEAM Partnership (HSP)

A partnership with the Santa Clara Unified School District (6th-12 grades) to promote STEM at high school campuses