Dreamer Student Resources

Mission College is a public community college that strives to ensure students have access to resources to be successful.  The undocumented student population includes individuals without legal status, those with work authorization (DACA), and students whom are eligible for AB 540, AB 130 and AB 131. This population has unique needs and therefore, Mission College recognizes the need for resources.  This website serves as a hub of resources for students, faculty, staff and the community.


DACA Renewal Clinics & Scholarships with SIREN-San Jose

Mission College & Second Harvest Food Bank- FREE Monthly Food Distribution to anyone in the community!

Educators for Fair Consideration Educator Binder (Feb 2018)

DACA Resource Guide by CA Legal Policy Center (Feb 2018)

California Immigrant Guide- a comprehensive website for all Immigrants in California.

Financial Aid is NOT impacted by DACA decision in California. Visit our Campus Resources page for more information!

Know your rights if approached by ICE!