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Allies for Undocumented Students

Dreamer Ally holding Dreamere sign.
Mission College Undocumented Student Task Force

Elvita Bustamante - A&R
Nohemy Chavez - Counseling
Mary Ann Medrano  - Transfer Center
Lucia Moreno - Financial Aid, scholarships & Outreach
Omar Murillo - Interim Vice President - Student Services
Julie Vu  - Welcome Center
Ken Songco - Equity/Success

Mission College Undocu-Allies

Mission College provides training for campus staff, faculty, and administrators on how to be an ally for undocumented students. After participants have completed this training, they will opt-in to be listed here as campus ally contacts.

Eleen Badal Abdishou- Financial Aid
Amelia Akers-Martin - ESL/ Non-Credit Faculty
Nan Blitz - DSPS/Alternative Media
Tina Boghozian – Library
Inge Bond- Office of Research
Carla Beltran Breidenbach - Foreign Languages Faculty
Anthony Bridges- Admissions & Records
Elvita Bustamante - A&R
See Chan- Biological Sciences Faculty
Melissa De Los Reyes- Admissions & Records
Thanh Do- Student Equity & Success
Rene Dwyer- Financial Aid
Cherry Lou M. Escano- Admissions & Records
Maria Escobar- A&R
Ashley Farris- Faculty/Chemistry
Valerie Feichter- ESL Faculty
Katy Fitzgerald  - Outreach/Financial Aid
Mario Flores - H.S.I
Raymond Gerardo- Assessment Center
Rachael Goldberg- Student Activities
Brian Goo- Interim Director AANAPISI
Donna Hale- CalWorks
Tara Hardinge - Sociology
Michele Hittleman- Counseling
Connor Keese - Outreach
Jennifer Keh - West Valley Counseling
Veronica Mendoza Hand - Counseling Faculty
Alicia Martinez- Counseling
Julian Martinez- HSI STEM
Virginia Marquez - WV EOPS
Barbara McMahon - Instructional Technician
Alison McGann- Office of Research
Bob Miller- Counseling Faculty Emeritus
Mary Ann Medrano - Transfer
Zita Melton- Administration for Student Services
Omar Murillo - Interim Vice President Student Services
Lusyna Kim Narvaez - AANAPISI/H.S.I
Ngoclien Nguyen- Financial Aid
Daniel Peck - President
David Piper - Counseling/Psychology/Humanities Faculty
Marie Rancap- Financial Aid
Edrina Rashidi- MESA Director
Kena Rogers - Liberal Arts
Julaine Rosner - ESL Faculty
Monica Sain- Adult Education
Manuel Salazar- TRiO Director
Marcelo Sanchez-Heredia- HSI Counselor
Sarah Sullivan- Faculty/English
Aram Shepherd- English Faculty
Andrew Solis - Career Center
Ken Songco - Equity/Success
Michele Speck - Library
Asmare Tadese- Admissions & Records
Raiida Thompson - H.S.I
Vianey Topete- TRiO Coordinator 
Theresa Tran - EOPS
Thuy Trang - Counseling
Marianna Troy- DSPS
Nitha Vasquez- Admissions & Records
Gabriel J. Porrata Vallejo - Mathematics Faculty
Neil Viernes- Chemistry
Jhonaliza Villanueva- Admissions & Records
Julie Vu-Welcome Center
Ha Voung- Financial Aid
Camilla Weiberg - Child Development Faculty
Lisa Willett- Admissions & Records
Thais Winsome- Biological Sciences
Elaine Wong  - Library Faculty
Nanette Wylde  - Child Development Faculty
Miguel Zaragoza- Counseling Faculty/ TRIO
Alejandro Zavala- EOPS
Saul Zendejas - Athletics