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Equity and Success

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Call to Action

Racial Equity and Social Justice

Join us in helping create a culture of equity at Mission College!

To enact Call to Action framework, we are seeking faculty, classified professionals, and administrators from the entire campus to help in achieve the actions stated under each priority beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Your involvement, great or small, will help us build a strong foundation and develop the college-wide infrastructure collectively towards becoming a more anti-racist campus.


Equity and Success

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Equity is just and fair inclusion. It’s about meeting students where they are at in order for them to be successful.

At Mission College, we are committed to embedding equitable practices in all that we do to create conditions for all students to succeed.

This means acknowledging the systemic barriers that exists and prevents many historically disproportionately impacted populations from succeeding and meeting their intended educational goals.

In Summer 2017, the Student Equity & Success Committee developed a definition of what equity means at Mission College and how we could put it into action to inform our practices as faculty, classified professionals, and administrators in serving our students.

Vision of Equity

A student-centered, bias-free learning community for all.

Mission Statement

To engage in diligent treatment of the entire campus community through social justice, transparency, and cultural humility that allows for all students to succeed.