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Moving To Online Learning

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Getting Started

How do you log on to Canvas?

Chrome, Firefox, or Edge are the preferred browsers. Internet Explorer will not work. 

  1. Log into My Mission Portal
  2. Click on the Canvas icon.  (Single sign on preferred)

    Canvas icon
  3. Or login into Canvas Directly
  4. All active courses will be visible in Canvas.  If your course is not visible, check back on the first day of the term.
When Does Canvas Show Up?

If you add a class after it started prior to 11:00 p.m., you will have access to Canvas the next day.

Canvas App

Canvas is also available as an app on your tablet or phone. Search Canvas in your store.

Is Canvas new to you?

The Mission College—Canvas Student Training Guide and the “Official” Canvas Student Guide might get a few of your questions answered quickly.

Are you new to online learning?

The Student FAQs are the top frequently asked questions from online learning students.

Maybe you need to --

  1. Update your profile
  2. Update your notification preferences
  3. Communicate with your instructor and peers
  4. Manage your personal files
  5. Keep track of assignment dates
  6. Submit your assignments
  7. Participate in discussions
  8. Take a Quiz
  9. Participate in a group
  10. Check your grades
  11. Canvas Students Guide—Table of Contents

Quick Guides for Students

Getting Started: What do I need?

Computer and Technical Requirements

A desktop or laptop computer is recommended in order to effectively use Canvas. However, Canvas has an app for use on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). Full functionality of Canvas tools is optimized on a desktop/laptop.

Accessing Class Content

Most Canvas courses are organized into Canvas Modules, where the modules are like folders that organize the course materials by week, chapters or topics.

For example, a course on crocheting may be set up either by

  • Weeks (Week 1: Introduction to Crochet and Week 2: Basic Tools, etc.);
  • or by Chapters (Chapters 1-2: Introduction to Crochet, Chapter 3: Basic Tools, etc.);
  • or by Topics (for ex., Module 1: Introduction to Crochet, Module 2: Basic Tools in Crocheting, etc.)

Each module may include Canvas Pages (documents created in Canvas), Word files, Excel files, and/or PowerPoint slides/presentations posted by your professor. The module may also include videos, audio podcasts and/or links to other materials relevant to your learning the module’s topic and contents.

Submitting Assignments

As part of your learning, the instructor may give you assignments to complete. These assignments may mirror an activity or assignment that would have taken place in the face-to-face classroom.

There are several ways in which the instructor may accept your assignment submission. For example, they may ask for an essay (text entry), a file upload, a website URL, or a media recording.

An instructor might request you to submit a screenshot for an assignment or within a discussion. Do you need the steps necessary to create a Screenshot across a variety of platforms? This site, might have your answers. Look across the tabs to locate your current platform (Windows, Mac, iPhone, etc.) and follow the guides from there.

Checking on Your Grades

Professors have been encouraged to use the Canvas Gradebook to provide you, the student, with information on your standing in the class. It may take them time to update the gradebook during this transition.

Canvas Student Guide for ConferZoom
Using Google Docs

Some students may be interested in

 FAQ- Frequently asked questions:
  1. Do I need a webcam and microphone to participate? No, in most cases faculty do not need to see your face or hear your voice.  Some courses may want you to have one for various assignments, but you can view material without one. You can also participate via the chat window to the class or privately to the instructor.
  2. What if I can't participate at the same time as my class? Instructors will be recording their sessions and you will be able to watch it later.  It may take up to 3 hours before the recording is available in Canvas. 
  3. Can I connect with my mobile device?YES!
    You will need to first download the student Canvas application on your phone.
    From the Canvas Student app, choose your Course > ConferZoom > then find the correct meeting and Choose the blue “Join” button to begin. If you do not have the video application, it will prompt you to download and it will automatically launch the meeting for you.  After the video conference connects you may choose to connect with video on/off or audio only.
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