Allies for Undocumented Students

Mission College Undocumented Student Task Force

Elvita Bustamante (A&R)

Julie Vu (Welcome Center)

Lisa Willet (A&R)

Lucia Moreno (Financial Aid, scholarships & Outreach)

Mary Ann Medrano (Transfer Center)

Nohemy Chavez (Counseling)

Omar Murillo (AANAPISI) 

Mission College Undocu-Allies

Mission College provides training for campus staff, faculty, and administrators on how to be an ally for undocumented students. After participants have completed this training, they will opt-in to be listed here as campus ally contacts.

Connor Keese (Outreach)

Gabriel J. Porrata Vallejo (Mathematics Faculty)

Julaine Rosner (ESL Faculty)

Veronica Mendoza Hand (Counseling Faculty)

Nan Blitz (DSPS/Alternative Media)

Katy Fitzgerald (Outreach/Financial Aid)

Ajani M. Byrd (EOPS)

David Piper (Counseling/Psychology/Humanities Faculty)

Camilla Weiberg (Child Development Faculty)

Stevie Jones (Counseling Faculty/ H.S.I)

Amelia Akers Martin (ESL/ Non-Credit Faculty)

Daniel Peck (President)

Saul Zendejas (Athletics)

Diego Espinoza (AANAPISI)

Lusyna Kim Narvaez (AANAPISI/H.S.I)

Mary Ann Medrano (Transfer)

Elvita Bustamante (A&R)

Elaine Wong (Library Faculty)

Mario Flores (H.S.I)

Carla Beltran Breidenbach (Foreign Languages Faculty)

Andrew Solis (Job Placement)

Nanette Wylde (Child Development Faculty)