What Can I Do as a Student?

Kimberly Pajarillo
Kinesiology major
ASG Student Leader

"Being a female minority in a leadership position at Mission College has given me the strength to be me and to surround myself with positive people…I want to encourage students to identify faculty and staff that can mentor you and try to find a common interest, e.g. a student club, to rally around. There is strength in numbers … and more respect when you learn to listen to each other and agree to disagree."

When was the last time you reflected on your values in terms of what you care about and what you live for? If you can envision the “perfect” world in which people can live in, what does this look like?

If more conversations and connections can occur on this campus about our intentions and what we ultimately want for ourselves and those we love, can the elements of this “perfect” world be part of our Mission College culture? We dare you to dream and dare you to get involved in the following ways: 

  • Use the resources and student services here to help you succeed! Take a moment to browse through Student Services at Mission to help you. If you have additional questions, you can visit the Welcome Center or talk to a Counselor!
  • Get involved in activities that give you the opportunity to lead and have a voice.
    • Engage your instructors in conversation that is relevant to YOUR life. Be bold and courageous in asking, “How can I use the knowledge from this class to apply to my own life experiences?”
    • Join the ASG – Associated Student Government.

      Raise your concerns if you identify inequity within the classrooms and around campus that are affecting you and/or other students.

    • Join a Student Club or create one that can support your interests.

      For more information on how to create a club at this college, contact rachael.goldberg@missioncollege.edu.

  • Share your story with others.
    • Here are examples of current Mission College students and the story of their lives they have brought to this campus to enrich our college:

      Jeremy Chua

      Dora Ye

      Thomas Davis

      Henry Tran

    • Consider creating a 2-5 minute video about your experiences and how the college can help support your success and share it on this website! Contact thuy.trang@missioncollege.edu to make this happen.
  • Learn about Mission College alumni, faculty, staff and administrators with their own personal stories of success and challenges! Realize you are not alone and reach out to find a mentor!