What Can I Do as Staff

Welcome Center staff

In making a sincere attempt to connect with students, they are no longer a student ID number but recognized by you and embraced by you. This one connection to you may mean dropping out of college when barriers enter the picture or persisting because they know someone cares.

We dare you to pursue the following opportunities to become a champion of equity:

  • Engagement and connection with students on a daily basis beyond the "norm."
    • Take the opportunity to engage in conversation with students when they are seeking help at your offices. Ask questions like, “How has your experience been so far studying at Mission College? What can we do at the college to make your experience more positive?”
    • With the feedback you receive gradually overtime, you can bring themes and patterns to the attention of this college through participatory governance bodies such as the Student Equity Committee and GAP.
  • Share your personal story of success and challenges. Contribute to the Success Stories at Mission College. You may end up inspiring students and serving as a mentor to them once they can relate to you as a unique individual.
  • Pursue a professional development opportunity
  • Join the Student Equity Committee
  • Join the Teaching Learning Institute when there is a call for proposals and participation.

    This professional development opportunity allows you to create a learning project to support equity at the college. Contact kenneth.songco@missioncollege.edu for more information!

  • Encourage students to view this website and participate in some recommended activities here on the What Can I Do As a Student page.