What Can I Do as Faculty

We challenge you, faculty, to immerse yourself into your students' worlds and create a learning environment that touches them on a personal level – their level. In other words, we challenge you to put on equity-lenses when you enter your classrooms.

The following are ideas brought to you not only by other educators but also the students at Mission College:

  • Give students an outlet to tell their stories and bring an important element of who they are to the classroom.
    • Consider the "I am from" poetry exercise that can be done in any class during the first week of instruction to get to know each other. It can be shared or you can privately view it but it will give you a glimpse into the students' world. It also signals to the student that you want to recognize them as individuals. Example: I Am From Mahal .
    • Model after the #IWishMyTeacherKnew project  that helped bring a classroom together. It can be on a voluntary basis but just create a space and opportunity for students to let you know how they feel and what they may need. Once you are aware of this, reach out to Student Services if necessary to bring additional resources to your classroom such as counseling, student health services, etc.
    • Here are examples of current Mission College students and the story of their lives they have brought to this campus to enrich our college

      Jeremy Chua

      Dora Ye

      Thomas Davis

      Henry Tran

  • Just as you are urging your students to bring their voices and stories to their learning, give your student the gift of viewing you as "human" and with your own personal life story and experiences. Contribute to the Success Stories Series at Mission. What you choose to share can have powerful effects on their motivation and connection with you and the subject matter. Make visiting you during office hours mandatory or extra credit but regardless, emphasize the connection you want to make beyond the classroom.
  • Learn and get to know the resources and student support services that exist at the college. Students will trust your referrals and the best way to refer is by connecting with your colleagues throughout the campus!
  • Offer extra credit for students who engage in any recommended activities listed on the What Can I Do As A Student page.
  • Weave curriculum with what matters and what is impacting your own students in their daily living.
    • Albert Einstein quipped, "Education Is What Remains After You Have Forgotten Everything You Learned In School." Defy this notion in your own teachings! 

      Here is an example of how to promote social equity in our schools where students learn about lead poisoning and how this knowledge was applied to improve the students' personal lives and their communities.
    • Offer Service Learning as a component of your teaching/assignments. Ask students to identify issues in their community and incorporate knowledge they are learning in your class to create a project that would help to address this concern. Here is an example of a final project from an Economics class at Mission
  • Pursue a professional development opportunity
  • Join the Student Equity Committee to help with the implementation of the Student Equity Plan.