Research & Summer Experiences

Research experiences

CHORI Research, a list of research opportunities available at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Center:

University-based programs

Foothill College STEM Summer Camps

Opportunities from Stanford University

Cal Teach Noyce Summer Internships: Cal Teach offers paid summer internships working in math and science education:

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Stanford Summer Health Careers Opportunity Program

UC Santa Cruz Undergraduate Research Opportunities: As of Fall 2012, all campus research opportunities are now organized through one central website. The site provides a wealth of information on how to get involved in research and offers a searchable database of research opportunities.

STEM Diversity Programs: The Division of Physical & Biological Sciences is home to wide variety of programs aimed at promoting students success and diversity in the sciences. For more information on these programs visit the STEM Diversity Programs.

Undergraduate Research Symposium: Each year the Division of Physical & Biological Sciences and the Jack Baskin School of Engineering host an Undergraduate Research Symposium. The symposium showcases outstanding undergraduate research being carried out here at UCSC.

California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP): The CAMP program seeks to place under-represented undergraduates majoring in the sciences in a research lab to not only learn valuable lab skills but also encourage and support students pursuing graduate-level education in the sciences.

Scientific Diving Program: UCSC is one of only a few universities in the country that offer a scientific diving program. The program trains certified scuba divers in conducting underwater research. Possessing a scientific diving certification allows students to participate in various research projects sponsored by the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry and Ocean Sciences Departments and can possilbly lead to fieldwork jobs in the summer and after graduation.

Summer Experiences

Contra Costa County STEM Summer Camps

A database of STEM Summer Camps from across the country

City of Hope summer program:

Human BioMolecular Research Institute Scientific Summer Internship

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (National Science Foundation