Mission College Contact Numbers

General Contact Numbers

Admissions  408-855-5000

MESA 408-855-5482

Associated Student Government (ASG)  408-855-5400

Bookstore  408-855-5075

CalWORKS  408-855-5228

Career/Transfer Center   408-855-5115

Cashiers  408-855-5027

Child Care Center  408-855-5173

Community Education   408-855-5105

Contract Education    408-855-5200

Counseling Center   408-855-5030

Disabled Student Services    408-855-5085

Extended Opportunity  408-855-5055

Financial Aid   408-855-5065

Hospitality Management    408-855-5246

Student Support Services  408-855-5100

Tutorial Center   408-855-5095

Parking 408-855-5435

Police    408-855-5435

Public Relations   408-855-5126

Records   408-855-5024

Safety Escort Service    408-855-5435

Student Health Center  408-855-5140

Main Line   408-988-2200

Testing Center  408-855-5098

Veterans   408-855-5011

Work Experience   408-855-5360

Math Faculty

Clement S. Lam, Ph.D., Mathematics & Science Division Chair
office: S2-403A  tel: 408-855-5332
email: clement.lam@wvm.edu

Rick Hobbs, Mathematics Department Chair
office: S2-403D   tel: 408-855-5325
email: rick.hobbs@wvm.edu

Moira Davis, Ph.D.
office: N2-403   tel: 408-855-5324
email: moira.davis@wvm.edu

Letisha Lovern
office: W2-403A   tel: 408-855-5101
email: letisha.lovern@wvm.edu

John Dedinsky
office: MT-18   tel: 408-855-5351
email: john.dedinsky@wvm.edu

Carmen Musat
office: W2-701   tel: 408-855-5331
email: carmen.musat@wvm.edu

John Nakahama
office: N1-101D   tel: 408-855-5433
email: john.nakahama@wvm.edu

Mindy Joh, contact for challenge exams 
office: S2-403G   tel: 408-855-5321
email: mindy.joh@wvm.edu

Thoi Nguyen
office: N2-201   tel: 408-855-5329
email: thoi.nguyen@wvm.edu

 Zoya Kravets
office: SE3-103A    tel: 408-855-5090
email: zoya.kravets@wvm.edu

Robert Reed
office: S2-403B   tel: 408-855-5326
email: robert.reed@wvm.edu

Linda Retterath
office: E2-403F   tel: 408-855-5328
email: linda.retterath@wvm.edu

Pat LaVallo
office: E2-403E   tel: 408-855-5399
email: pat_lavallo@wvm.edu

Karl Ting
office: N3-603    tel: 408-855-5330
email: karl.ting@wvm.edu


Biological Sciences Faculty

Clement S. Lam, Ph.D., Mathematics & Science Division Chair
office: S2-403A  tel: 408-855-5332 
email: clement.lam@wvm.edu

Dept Chair: Kelly Neary
email: kelly.neary@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5588

Elizabeth Bell, Ph.D.
email: elizabeth.bell@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5208

Diane Lamkin, Ph.D.
email: diane.lamkin@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5333

Jean Replicon, Ph.D.
email: jean.replicon@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5267

Thais Winsome, Ph.D.
email: thais.winsome@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5217

Robin Hulbert
email: robin.hulbert@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5347



Jim Burrell
email: jim.burrell@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5263

Clint Poe
email: clint.poe@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5262



Dept Chair Ashley Piekarski
email: ashley.pierkarski@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5269


Computer Science Infromaton and Technology

Division: Business and Technology
Division Chair: Wael Abdeljabbar
office: SE3-101A  tel: 408-855-5250
email: wael.abdeljabbar@wvm.edu

Helen Sun, Department Chair
email: helen.sun@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5250

Saroj Subherwal
email: sarol.sabherwal@wvm.edu
tel: 408-855-5357