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MESA Staff

This is MESA

Location: SEC-152

MESA Director
Edrina Rashidi

MESA Counselor
Thuy Trang, MESA Students
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Drop in hours @MESA: Tuesdays 4-4:30PM; Wednesdays 12-12:30PM

Julia Dea-Wong, Friends of MESA Students
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Drop in hours @MESA: Thursdays 12-1PM; @STEM Center (Sci-131) Tuesdays 4-6PM

MESA Faculty Sponsor
Professor Gabriel Porrata Vallejo
GC 217-J 

Staff and Tutors
Bao Thy Nguyen: Math Tutor and AEW Facilitator
Britney Jaculina: Math and Physics Tutor, and AEW Facilitator
Cynthia Mach, Physics AEW Facilitator
Martin Dang Vu: Chemistry and Math Tutor, AEW Facilitator
Matthew Ruiz: Chemistry Tutor and AEW Facilitator
Sophia Chadsey: Student Assistant
Tiffany Truong: Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics Tutor; AEW Facilitator