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What to Bring

Please bring a Photo ID


fill out the following form:

Assessment Preparation Fillable Form (English)

Assessment Prep Form (Chinese)

Assessment Prep Form (Japanese)

Assessment Prep Form (Korean)

Assessment Prep Form (Spanish)

Assessment Prep Form (Vietnamese)

Assessment Center Experience

After you have completed testing, please return and take our testing experience survey!


NOTICE: The Assessment Center has moved from the Main Building to the new Student Engagement Center SEC-109.

Assessment Process Overview

Assessment of your skills in math and English helps you achieve your goals in college by placing you into classes in which you will be successful.

If you are a first-time college student with a goal of certificate, degree, or transfer, you are required to be assessed in both math and English or English as a Second Language before registering for classes.  English or Math testing may also be required for students seeking to meet a specific course prerequisite.

Mission College also offers an Information Competency Proficiency Exam.  Students who receive a score of at least 70% on this exam fulfill the Information Competency proficiency graduation requirement at Mission College.

Before You Come
  • Prior to taking an assessment for placement, students must Apply to Mission College.
  • Before testing, complete the Assessment Preparation Form.  Review our sample tests and know which math test you want.  Bring the form with your Mission College ID Number and a photo ID with you to testing.
  • Students with disabilities can contact the Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) in Room 240 CC or by calling (408) 855-5085 or TTY at (408) 727-9243 to make an appointment.
Assessment Center Location

Student Engagement Center SEC-109.

email: assessment.center@missioncollege.edu

Placement through AP, EAP, SAT, ACT Exams

You may NOT need to take the Mission College assessments if you have completed coursework at another college or met minimum standards on the AP, EAP, SAT or ACT exams.

When Can I Take the Assessment Tests?

No appointment is needed.  To view the available test sessions, please view our current testing schedule.  Please arrive 15-30 minutes before the test session as testing will start promptly at the scheduled time.  No late seating.  No exceptions.  Twenty-five computer seats are available but may fill up more quickly in late April, May, August and January.   This is our busy season. 

Please note that our hours are subject to frequent changes so check this website often for our current testing schedule.


Service Area Outcomes

SAO 1: Upon completion of their placement tests, students will understand their course placement levels.
SAO 2: Students taking placement tests will prepare for them using the available study guides.
SAO 3: Students and Department Chairs who submit an approved Prerequisite Challenge Form to the Assessment Center will have the prerequisite entered in Datatel and a confirmation email sent to both the Student & Department Chair.