Mission College ASG - Clubs and Organizations

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Why join a club at Mission College?

  • You’ll learn more about yourself.
  • You’ll develop useful teamwork and leadership skills.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to boost your resume and professional network.
  • You’ll utilize practical experience in a nurturing environment.
  • You’ll learn about student equity and its important role on campus.
  • You’ll have a change of pace from your studies.
  • You’ll be more aware of your value within your community.
  • You’ll have a chance to explore your many interests and find your passion.
  • You’ll have fun!

The following clubs are presumed currently active at Mission College. Please contact individual clubs for information pertaining to that club.

This list was last updated in Spring 2017.  Please check in the upcoming weeks for the new and renewed Fall 2017 Clubs.



Contact Information


Alpha Gamma Sigma
Develop programs offering cultural, social, or enriching experiences as part of the total College experience. Promote services to the college and the community; and emphasize the development of leadership and character.

Heather Rothenberg


Associated Student Government
The official voice of the Students of Mission College. The ASG Student Senate in an elected body of Mission Students. Their purpose is to represent the student’s views to the administration, plan and support campus activities. 

Rachael Goldberg


Future Accountants of America
To provide an environment to learn and develop skills of accounting.

Ashley Jewell


Mission College Fire Tech Student Association
A resource for students to share information and knowledge related to the fire and emergency medical services.

Rod Pavao


Kinesiology Club
A resource for students to share information and knowledge related to the Kinesiology.

Janice Morgan

Special Interest

Mission College Dance Company
To nourish the dance community at Mission College by performing at Mission College and community events. 

Brenna Wundrum


Mission College Health Occupations Association
Informs, guides and supports nursing students.

Lisa Shivers

Special Interest

Mission Inter-Connect
To promote and encourage the pursuit of higher education among the International students of Mission College by providing academic and social support from counselors and other current students. 

Gaozong Thao


Muslim Student Association 
To promote a diverse institution which will help bring awareness of Islam both locally and internationally to the members and students. 

Abdishakur Omar


Puente Club 
To Increase the numbers of educationally underrepresented students to transfer to a four-year college and universities, earn degrees and return to their communities as leaders and mentors to future generations.

Aram Shepherd

Special Interest

Spectrum Club
To support and develop awareness of the needs for the LGBTQ community.

Jeff Cormier

Karen Gee

Special Interest

Student Veterans of America
The club dedicated to helping Veterans transition to the college atmosphere.

Kathryn Wood


Umoja Community Club 
To promote the recognition and involvement of students of African/African American ancestry/ethnicity at Mission College for the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and to make an impact on the decisions regarding students. 

David Piper


Interested in starting a new club or reactivating an old one? Here’s how:

  1. You may only start a new club/reactivate an old club during the first five weeks of a semester.
  2. Log on to OrgSync.com to complete the Club Charter Packet for Mission College online. You will need at least ten club members with current student ID and input their information onto the Charter Packet. Contact the Office of Student Activities if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance.
  3. Ensure that you have at least one full-time Faculty advisor who is available for club meetings, events and can help oversee all financial matters. Clubs may have a second advisor (either full-time or part-time faculty/staff member).
  4. Confirm a club member as an ICC Representative who must attend all ICC meetings on Thursdays at 2:30PM in TAV-130.
  5. To maintain active status and become chartered, submit a Club Constitution from your club with guidance from the advisor at the time of your Club Charter packet submission through OrgSync.