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 Librarian Cathy Cox assisting students in her Library 10 Course

Library 10 Quotes

Library 10: Information Competency
Library 10H: Information Competency - Honors
Credit: 1.0 unit
Total Lecture: 18 hours
Advisories: CA 070, Eligibility for ENG 001A and READ 054
Acceptable for credit: California State University; University of California

NOTE: Students cannot get credit for both LIB 010 and LIB 010H. Enrollment in the Honors Transfer Project is required.

For the current Library 10 schedule, please go to the Library 10 Schedule page.

Library 10 Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will identify and critically evaluate appropriate resources.
  2. When using information, students will correctly identify when citations are required.
  3. Students will create correctly formatted citations in multiple formats.

Library 10 Description:
This course covers the basic elements of information competency by introducing students to the nature of research and the role of the library in research, including finding, analyzing, organizing, and presenting information and the legal and ethical aspects of research. Students are introduced to a variety of informational resources including print, media, electronic formats and the World Wide Web.

For more information about Library 10, please read Library 10 Frequently Asked Questions.