Food for Textbook Program

Girl reading a textbook

Food for Textbook Program (Starts Fall 2017)

How the program works:

  • Bring 10 cans of food to the Mission College Library’s Check Out Desk to check out one textbook. Each 10 cans of food = one textbook.
  • Check out the textbook for the entire semester.
  • Donated canned food goes to Second Harvest Food Bank.
  • Quantities are limited – first come, first served.

The Food for Textbook Program is made up of donated textbooks. Please consider donating your used textbooks to this program. Textbook donations are accepted at the Library Check Out Desk. You do not have to donate a textbook to participate in the Food for Textbook Program.

Below is the list of the current textbooks available for this program. Additional textbooks will be added as donations are received. Starting in August 2017, you will be able to search for the textbook by the Course to see how many copies we have and if any are available for checkout. Textbooks that are part of the Food for Textbook program will have in the catalog record the location as MC Food for Textbook Collection.

         Course                                            Textbook Title/Edition                                    
BIO 01A, 01B Campbell Biology / 10th 
BIO 047 Human Anatomy / 8th 
CHM 01A, 01B Chemistry: Structured Properties / 1st
CHM 12A, 12B Organic Chemistry / 9th
CIS 007 Introduction to Programming Using Python / 13th
CIS 037A Fundamentals of Statistics / 5th
CIS 037A C How to Program / 8th
CIS 043 Java How to Program (Early Objects) / 10th
CIS 044 Data Structure and Abstractions with Java / 4th
ECN 01A Macroeconomics / 4th
ECN 01B Microeconomics / 4th
ENG 01A Catfish and Mandala
ENG 01A The Little Brown Reader /12th
ESL 930RV Reading for Today 2: Insights / 5th
ESL 950LS 21st Century Communication: Listening, Speaking... /1st
ESL 950PL Targeting Pronunciation: Communication Clearly in English / 2nd
HIS 17A, 17B Introduction to American History, Volume 1 / 9th
HIS 17A, 17B Introduction to American History, Volume2 / 9th
MAT Graphing Calculator - Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus
MAT 2 Precalculus - Concepts Through Functions... / 3rd
MAT 10 Fundamentals of Statistics / 5th
MAT C, 900, 902, 903 Beginning & Intermediate Algebra / 6th
PHY 4B Fundamentals of Physics Extended / 10th
POL 001 California Politics: A Primer / 4th 
POL 001 Understanding American Politics and Government / 3rd
PSY 001 Psychology / 5th
REA 054 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 
REA 961 Improving Vocabulary Skills Short Version / 4th
REA 961 Reaching Out
REA 961 Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills / 6th
REA 961 Thelma's Boy