Governance & Planning Council


Charge: To serve as an overall coordinating body in the governance of Mission College. The body will coordinate initiatives that arise from either internal college business or opportunities presented by the community. The group will serve as a planning body and provide advice to and consultation with the President and, at times, through her to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees. The group will serve as a body to whom appeals can be made if decisions of the constituent bodies are in excessive conflict.


Criteria for Budget Reduction Scenario – Decision Making Criteria

Mission College Strategic Plan Year One Objectives 2012-2013 2012-05-09

Mission College Strategic Plan Comprehensive Listing of Goals 2012-13 through 2015-16 2012-05-09

Board Budget Workshop Fiscal Year 2012-2013  2012-02-21

Budget Development Plans Fiscal Year 2012-2013

Budget Recap FY 2013-2014 Gap Presentation 2013-09-18

Budget Reduction Plan Fiscal Year 2012-2013  2011-11-28

Budget Reduction Target and Planning Timeline_2012-2013 - Without RAM

Budget Decision Making Framework

Position Information for 2012-2013 Reduction Plan

GAP/Academic Senate Student Success Task Force Recommendations 2012-02-15

GAP/Academic Senate Student Success Task Force Recommendations: video

GAP Accomplishments 2009-2010

Participatory Governance Handbook 2011