Student Success Stories


Justin Genevro
Mission College '13
Hao Pham
Mission College '13
Rosa Sosa
Mission College '11 

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Hao Pham Photo Rosa Sosa Photo

JUSTIN GENEVRO earned multiple offers to four-year schools, and chose USF. As a history major, his advice to students is "do not wait until tomorrow, what you can do today. Learn More

HAO PHAM  earned a physics degree from Cal, but began his journey at Mission after going through the intensive English learning program (IIS). Hao considers Mission his home away from home. Learn More

ROSA SOSA started at Mission as a nervous 17-year old immigrant from Mexico and today has graduated from San Jose State, Arizona Law School and soon, Embry-Riddle. She credits Mission in starting her career.  Learn More

Jack Tang
Mission College '16
Priscilla Tran
Mission College '09
 Lina Kawas
Mission College '16

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 JACK TANG discovered the STEM Center by accident and used that to not only become a STEM Mentor earn a degree and head to San Jose State. His advice to future students-- take advantage of everything Mission has to offer. Learn More PRISCILLA TRAN actually started at San Jose State before deciding that Mission was the right path. She how now has a degree from CS Monterey Bay and is back at SJSU to earn a Masters. Learn More  A native of Chicago, LINA KAWAS says gaining your Mission experience is all that you make of it. A member of the Honors Transfer program, she has these words for students. Learn More


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