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Student Success and Support Program (3SP)

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Student Success & Support Program (SSSP)

SSSP provides services that help you be more successful in college.

SSSP services include:
  • Orientation
  • Placement and Assessment Services
  • Educational Planning

SSSP keeps you on track by working with other services and programs on campus to help you reach your goals. Completing these services also gives you PRIORITY REGISTRATION which qualifies you for an earlier date to enroll in classes!

Deadlines to Complete SSSP Services

In order to receive Priority Registration, you must complete an Orientation, Educational Plan, and self-placement by the deadlines listed below:

Priority Registration Deadlines

Registration Period Deadline to Complete SSSP
Summer/Fall 3rd Thursday in March
Winter/Spring 3rd Thursday in October
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Orientation allows you to learn about financial aid, registration, tutoring services, important locations on campus, types of degrees, and more, helping you adjust to your new college.

Placement and Assessment Services

The placement and assessment servcices process helps place you in courses at the right level, making sure you don't end up with work that is too difficult or not challenging enough.

Educational Plan

An Education Plan helps you identify the courses required to complete your goals and the best order to take them in, helping you determine the amount of time and money you will need to invest in your education and take the most direct route from start to finish.

Early Alert

Follow-up services are developed to make sure you stay on track and continue to evaluate your progress.

Early Alert Program:

What is Early Alert? 

The Early Alert Program is designed to assist students who may be experiencing academic or personal difficulties and provide strategies and campus resources to help them succeed at Mission College. The program is a collaboration between counseling and instructional faculty, administrators, and staff.  During the 5th week of the semester, instructors may identify students experiencing academic or personal difficulties in their classes. Students will be notified by the college and are encouraged to follow-up with counselors and instructors on their progress in class.

How did I get identified for Early Alert? 

Instructors identify students who are experiencing academic difficulties in areas such as attendance, homework, quizzes and tests.

Who do I speak to if I get an Early Alert notice? 

If you receive an Early Alert notice, you should first speak to your instructor.  Get clarification from your instructor and find out where you stand. Can you make up assignments? Would it help to receive tutoring? Are you in a course that is too difficult or too easy? What can you do to improve your status in that course? This is a good opportunity to talk about solutions and to get acquainted with your instructor!

After you speak to your instructor, you may choose to speak to a counselor. A counselor can help direct you to classes, tutoring or workshops that may assist in your student success. Counselors also initiate Student Education Plans so you know what classes to take to achieve your goals. The Counseling Center can give referrals to college support services that may be helpful to you. We take personal counseling appointments and can assist you in making decisions about dropping or adding a class or in other matters that may affect your progress. 

Appointments can be scheduled online  or by calling 408-855-5034. 

Does it get put on my permanent record? 

No; this information will not become part of your academic transcript. 

Does getting an Early Alert notice mean I am failing? 

Receiving an Early Alert notice does not necessarily mean you are failing. Speak to your instructor about the area identified on your letter. Clarification from your instructor will give you a better idea of where you stand in the class.

What if I do need help in my class?  Where do I get tutoring? 

The Academic Support Center coordinates the tutoring services for a wide variety of subjects.  In addition, there are several programs that provide specialized tutoring services on campus as well as online tutoring services available 24/7.

How do I make an appointment with a counselor? 

The Counseling Center is located on the first floor of the Student Engagement Center in Room SEC 139. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 408-855-5034.  Students participating in a program such as DSPS, EOPS, CalWORKs, TRiO, MESA, Puente, International Students or Honors are encouraged to work with the counselor in that program.

How do I drop a class? 

To drop a class , do so by logging in  My Mission Portal

Waiving SSSP Services

You have the right to waive the requirement to complete assessment, orientation, and educational planning. We believe waiving these services may affect your success at Mission. Be aware, by doing so, you will not qualify for priority registration.

Appeal Priority Registration Date

If you believe that you have been assigned an incorrect Priority Registration date, students can submit a Priority Registration Appeal Form online. For the Winter/Spring 2021 Priority Registration period, the college will accept appeals between Monday, October 26, 2020 through November 12, 2020 at 5p.m.; all submissions will be reviewed. Decisions will be made and students will be notifed no later than November 13, 2020. 

Please click below to access the appeal form:

Priority Registration Appeal Form