Mission College Foundation, Ssanta Clara California
Equipment and Facilities

New Main Building Phase II
Student Engagement Center
(set to open Spring 2018)

Our new 102,000 square foot, three story building houses student service and administrative functions, has 25 interdisciplinary class or lab spaces for our students, and will be at least a LEED Gold project. The entry lobby and ‘Welcome Center’ will be the new front door to our campus, while the study lobby space will be surrounded by tutoring spaces, career counseling space, and other student services. Some of the sustainable features include natural ventilation, radiant flooring, solar hot water, LED lighting, and lighting controls. The building is expected to be 40% more energy efficient than a typical building of similar size. Many programs will have a home in our new building including Engineering, Pharmacy Technology, ESL and Foreign Language to name a few....

Your company name or the name of a community donor pledges commitment to sustainable energy as a mandate for all new buildings; a commitment to learning spaces that encourages students and the community; a commitment to the arts and our student artistic endeavors
throughout the disciplines.