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Mission College's Reading courses are designed to help students with basic fundamental to critical thinking skills from reading a variety of texts.

A reading placement test is given as part of the academic skills assessment. This test will indicate to students whether course work in reading is recommended. Students who do not meet proficiency are encouraged to take a reading class early in their college career so that skills learned here can help with study in other courses.


Reading Class Sequence:

If you test 16 to 45 you will start with Reading 960 (reading fundamentals)

If you test 46 to 72 or you've completed ESL 970 RW you will start with Reading 961 (building college reading strategies)

If you test 73 to 95 you will start with Reading 054 (critical reading and thinking).

Elective courses include:

Reading 964 (basic vocabulary development)

Reading 983 (reading college texts)

Reading 063 (vocabulary development)

Graduation from Mission College

Mission College has a reading requirement for graduation. Students who graduate from Mission must demonstrate reading proficiency or successfully complete Reading 054.

Contact Information

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Kena Rogers 408-855-5219

Department Chair:
Sarah Sullivan

Valerie Jensen

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