Mission College Global Studies

Dept Chair: Keith Johnson
email: keith.johnson@wmv.edu
tel: 408-855-5277
Counseling: 408-855-5030

Full Time Faculty:
Joan Powers 408-855-5298
email: joan.powers@wvm.edu

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to increasing knowledge and understanding of modern global society and events. An understanding of the world's social and natural systems, coupled with an appreciation of the diversity of human culture, will supply the student with a strong background for working in a global economy, for living in a multicultural society and for making intelligent decisions as a global citizens.

  • Study abroad, international internships and service learning opportunities
  • Faculty with international living experience and an interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching
  • Innovative courses
  • Core courses fulfill general education requirements and are CSU and UC transferable.

Global Studies 005 in Europe 2009. Check out our blog!

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  • Global Studies

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