Graphic Design at Mission College

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Program Specifications

Below you can find a detailed list of the classes and requirements connected to this program.

The following classes are required for this program.
Note:The classes listed reflect program changes going into effect Fall 2013.

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Class Name


GDES 035 Beginning Graphic Design 3.0
GRART 064 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3.0
GRART 068 Advanced Adobe Photoshop 3.0
Art 031A Beginning Drawing 3.0
Art 033A Basic Design:Two-Dimensional 3.0
GRART 062 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 3.0
GRART 066 Advanced Adobe Illustrator 3.0
GRART 063 Introduction to Adobe InDesign 3.0
GRART 067 Advanced Adobe InDesign: Portfolio 3.0
GDES 045 Web Page Design with XHTML 3.0
GDES 060 Electronic Page Layout & Typography 3.0
GDES 070 User Experience & Multimedia Design 3.0
GDES 055A Design Agency and Branding 3.0
GDES 085 Professional Portfolio and Design 2.0

Plus select an additional course (or courses) to complete the required minimum total of 31-32 semester units

Art 031A Beginning Drawing 3.0
GDES 011 The History of Modern Design 3.0
GDES 037 Intermediate Computer Graphic Design 3.0
GDES 046 Intermediate Web Page Design with Dreamweaver and CSS 3.0
GDES 047 Web Animation 3.0
GDES 080 Packaging Design 3.0
GDES 074 Digital Video Production with Final Cut Pro 3.0
GDES 081 Motion Graphics with After Effects 3.0
GDES 073 Digital Photography 3.0
GDES 039A Introduction to Computer Animation 3.0
GDES 013 Creativity and Visual Communication 3.0
GRART 066 Advanced Adobe Illustrator 3.0
GRART 067 Advanced Adobe InDesign: Portfolio 3.0
GRART 068 Advanced Adobe Photoshop 3.0
ART 033A Basic Design: Two-Dimensional 3.0
ART 033B Basic Design: Three-Dimensional 3.0
ART 034A Introduction to Digital Art 3.0
GRART 050 Exploring Careers in Graphic Arts 3.0
GDES 029 Careers in Visual Communication 2.0

Graphic Design
Certificate and Degree

This award winning program provides opportunities for the student to develop fluency in contemporary graphic design issues and techniques.

Creative problem-solving

The emphasis of the program is on increasing the students' creative problem-solving abilities along with an introduction to design techniques and principals to provide the basic skills necessary to enter this growing, professional field.


Opportunities exist in advertising, corporate communication, retail businesses, and publishing among others.


Typical careers areas include; graphic design, illustration, package design, marketing communication, display design, typography and page layout, brand identity, logo design, photo editing and web page design among others.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Student Work


  • This program consists of 33 units

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"I learned how to design business card, letterheads, package design and much more. Learned about color and text, and all the tools that makes a good product."