Hospitality Management Catering

example of food plate from Mission Catering
Bistro Catering

The main ingredient of our Mission College Hospitality Management program is the ability to simulate real-life experiences. One of those is the business of catering.
Here are some of the things our students offer:
  • Hosting your business luncheon or special event in our dining area.
  • Inviting our student chefs to your home or a local event center to skillfully prepare the cuisine of your choice.
  • Sponsor your corporate employee appreciation BBQ with award winning recipes.
  • Dazzle your clients, friends, and family with engaging hands-on, team-building cooking experiences led by our instructors and students.
  • Host your reception, engagement dinner or entire wedding on our grounds or at a local Winery.
Whatever your catering needs are, our fully equipped & technologically enhance a state of the art facility is ready to serve you. Our capabilities include a highly configurable facility featuring multimedia banquet space, a demonstration action-cooking suite, three fully equipped commercial kitchens, and generous patio space.
For addition information please contact our Catering Manager, Marie Keith (408) 855-5245 or