Mission College Counseling Services

The primary goal of the Counseling Center is to provide opportunities for students to clarify values and goals, to make decisions, to develop self-confidence, self-direction and self-esteem. Programs and services are offered to provide these opportunities:

Academic Counseling
Academic counseling begins with:

  • educational goal-setting
  • exploring educational options and opportunities
  • evaluating educational background, and
  • providing the student with clear, concise and up-to-date educational information of all types

Each of our counselors is trained in all fields and is able to assist the student who is still undecided about his/her major. However, each counselor has special expertise in certain areas. This way a student who already knows his field of study can get up to the minute information about his major or career choice. To choose your counselor by area of expertise, please visit the counseling center.

Transfer Counseling
Transfer counseling provides students with:

  • valuable information on admissions requirements and procedures
  • appropriate sequencing of classes, and
  • support in making informed decisions about their transfer options

Mission offers Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG - guaranteed admission to participating universities). Mission College also has a Transfer Center to support students in researching potential transfer institutions.

Career Counseling
Career counseling provides the student with an opportunity for:

  • clarification and integration of career and educational goals
  • study of careers and lifestyles
  • vocational and career testing, and
  • presentation of resource speakers

One special career counseling event is our now famous Spring job fair. Counselors also provide courses and one-to-one career counseling.  Mission College also has a Career Center to support students in researching potential career options.

Personal Counseling
Personal counseling is provided to students who need and seek assistance in resolving personal issues that interfere with school. These problems can include:

  • dealing with death, illness, divorce
  • problems with parents, spouses or significant others
  • dealing with feelings that arise because of lack of financial or emotional support
  • stress management and coping skills
  • improving self esteem
  • overcoming test anxiety

Crisis Counseling

As part of our mission to provide personal counseling, crisis counseling is provided to assist students in acute emotional distress and for students in personal crisis who require immediate attention.  For assistance with a student in crisis call (408) 855-5555.

Personal counseling is done on a walk-in basis or by appointment.

For situations when a student is a potential danger to self or others, call 911.