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January 13, 2014: Flight departs San Francisco for

Costa Rica, overnight in Hotel Brilla Sol in Alajuela

January 14-19: Stay at Ecolodge San Luis Biological Station, located at an elevation of 1100 m in the Tilarian Mountain Range of Costa Rica. Habitats include virgin cloud forest, lush tropical gardens, coffee and banana fields, pastures with spreading shade

trees and primary and secondary forests in all stages of regeneration.

Activities include:

*Guided walks on an extensive trail system

*"Skywalk" on suspension bridges through the rainforest canopy

  1. *Tours of a Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

  2. *Visit to Bat Jungle museum

*Lectures and slide presentations

*Tropical farm activities, including milking

  1. *Birdwatching

  2. *Participate in forest restoration project

*Guided night hikes

*Student research

  1. *Journaling

January 19: Day in transit between Ecolodge San Luis and San Miguel Biological Station

January 19-23: San Miguel Biological Station on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is located within the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, Costa Rica's first national park, in a pristine coastal setting and offers access to an outstanding range of tropical marine and dry forest habitats. Activities include:

*Guided walks



  1. *Hands-on laboratory and field activities

  2. *Birdwatching

  3. *Student research

  4. *Journaling

  5. *Lectures

January 23: Leave Cabo Blanco and take ferry across the Gulf of

Nicoya.Ground transportation to Alejuela. Overnight in Hotel Brilla

Sol in Alejuela

January 24: Depart from Hotel Brilla Sol, Alajuela

Flight to San Francisco international airport