Astronomy Department

M-31 Andromeda Galaxy
M-31 Andromeda Galaxy - remote photo by MC Astronomy Student

The courses in Astronomy are offered as part of the general education program at Mission College. The astronomy courses includes a laboratory and complies with general education transfer requirements. The courses are an excellent way for the liberal arts student to gain an appreciation of scientific knowledge and methods.

Astronomy Course Offerings
  • ASTRO 001 - ASTRONOMY   3.0 units
    Advisory: MATH 903
    Acceptable for credit: UC, CSU

    This course is a descriptive astronomy lecture only course covering the entire panorama of the universe, including early human observations, the origin and structure of the solar system, and the properties, origin and evolution of stars, galaxies and cosmology. Grade Only.
  • ASTRO 003 - ASTRONOMY WITH LAB 4.0 unitS
    Advisory: MATH 903
    Acceptable for credit: UC, CSU

    This course covers the entire panorama of the universe from the observations of the night sky to the origin and structure of the planets, stars, galaxies and the universe. The lab portion of the course includes practical experience with the methods of astronomy using computers and other equipment. This course may also be offered via distance learning. Grade Only.


Contact Information

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Danny Nguyen

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Lori Hampton

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Kelly Neary

Department Chair:
Clint Poe

Full Time Faculty:

Clint Poe
tel: 408-855-5262  

John Beck
tel: 408-855-3301

Jim Burrell
tel: 408-855-5263


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