AANAPISI Staff Profiles


ken songco

Ken Songco - Acting Director, Federal Student Services Grants
tel: 408-855-5037
email: kenneth.songco@missioncollege.edu
Location: E2-601, Main Building

Ken joins Mission College with eight years of experience managing federally-funded programs and leading teams in the nonprofit sector. He received his B.A. in Psychology at UC Santa Cruz and earned his M.P.A. at San Francisco State University. Prior to joining Mission College, Ken worked at the Japanese Community Youth Council, one of San Francisco’s most successful youth organizations. He played a dual role serving as Associate Director of the AACE Talent Search TRIO programs and Project Director of the San Francisco College Access Center, a Cal-SOAP program. Under his leadership, Ken administered three education programs that served over 3,200 participants annually and assisted more than 4,000 low-income students to graduate from high school and enroll into postsecondary institutions. He brings five years of experience in leading lobbying and advocacy efforts to help protect federal funding of educational opportunity programs such as TRIO and the College Access Challenge Grant Program. Ken also served a one-year term as Lead Project Director for the California Student Opportunity and Access Programs, acting as liaison between the Executive Director of the CA Student Aid Commission and the sixteen Cal-SOAP Project Directors.


Lusyna Narvaez2, AANAPISI Senior Administrative Assistant

Lusyna Narvaez - AANAPISI Senior Administrative Assistant
tel: 408-855-5526
email: Lusyna.Narvaez@missioncollege.edu
Location: S2-101, Main Building

Lusyna graduated from Mission College in 2015 with an A.S in Early Childhood Development. She is currently enrolled at Pacific Oaks College and is  working on her B.A in Human Development specializing in Early Childhood and adolescents. She will be finished this fall. She hopes to enroll in the Master's program also at Pacific Oaks in hopes of furthering her education. Lusyna was born and raised in San Jose, California where she resides with her husband and infant daughter. Although Lusyna joined the AANAPISI team back in April 2016, she is an alumni to Mission and provides a unique lens with her position. Prior to coming on board, Lusyna was working at a private preschool in Mountain View, CA. She is dedicated to providing the best possible service along with an upbeat attitude to help add to the Mission College Community.


Julie Vu, AANAPISI Program Coordinator

Julie Vu - AANAPISI ESL Transitions Program Coordinator
tel: 408-855-5288
email: julie.vu@missioncollege.edu
Location: Welcome Center, Main Building

Julie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from San Jose State University. She came to the United States when she was 21 years old as an immigrant and speaks Vietnamese fluently. Julie has worked at Mission College for almost fourteen years. Prior to joining the AANAPISI team, she was a Lead Teacher at Mission College's Child Development Center. With her friendly and patient attitude, she is sensitive and values your opinions and feelings.  Julie has a passion for organizing cultural events and embraces the differences that contribute to the unique culture of the Mission College community.


Brian Goo, STEM/Transfer Program Coordinator

Brian Goo - STEM/Transfer Program Coordinator
tel: 408-855-5261
email: brian.goo@missioncollege.edu
Location: SCI-131, Science Building

Brian joins Mission College with experience in both the sciences and programing within higher education.  He received his B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC Irvine and his M.Ed in Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago.  While at UC Irvine, Brian conducted multiple research studies within marine biology including studies on shark jaw morphology and sensory systems in comb jellies.  Brian decided to pursue a career in education because he is passionate about the student experience within the sciences and has a strong desire to help students reach their goals within STEM. Before arriving to Mission College, Brian worked as an Academic Advisor at Loyola University Chicago and most recently, the University of Illinois, Chicago. He provided academic advising for 1st and 2nd year students, coordinated articulation processes, taught first year seminar courses, supervised peer advisors, and worked with STEM faculty to help coordinate summer programs. Along with this, Brian brings a wealth of experience and excitement to science education and seeks to utilize the strong culture at Mission College to increase student success for the entire campus community.


Thanh Do, Institutional Business and Technology Analyst

Thanh Do - Institutional Business and Technology Analyst
tel: 408-855-5171
email: thanh.do@wvm.edu
Location: S2-101, Main Building

Thanh graduated with a B.A. in International Relations and German at UC Davis and a Masters in Urban Planning at San Jose State University. She serves as a vital link between the College’s student success objectives and the West Valley-Mission Community College District’s technological capabilities. Working closely with all division areas, Thanh focuses on disaggregating data for analysis, closing critical gaps in connectivity of information systems and enhancing the college’s ability to effectively and efficiently monitor student progress.  She joins Mission College with over 10 years of analytical experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Her technical experience includes overseeing the software implementation of a park management system for Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San José, CA. Prior to joining Mission College, Thanh worked in Healthy Aging at the Public Health Institute designing concepts of healthier environments for vulnerable older adults in Santa Clara County. Her work also includes parks, recreation and neighborhood services analysis at the City of San José, older adult services and research at the City of Campbell and business operations at a bicycle and pedestrian consulting firm and the International Museum of Women.