EOPS - Staff


The EOPS staff consists of five full-time academic and classified employees. The office is staffed year-around, with the full scope of our services being available August through May.

EOPS Staff

Dr. Ajani Byrd, EOPS/CARE Program Director

phone: 408.855.5055

email: Ajani.byrd@missioncollege.edu


Amanda Marshall, EOPS Program Assistant

phone: 408.855.5055

email: Amanda.marshall@missioncollege.edu

The EOPS Program Assistant acts as the initial contact for students requesting service from the EOPS office and ensures they obtain the necessary assistance. They monitor student progress within the program, supervise student assistants,, track the program budget, oversee special projects, and provide direct assistance to the EOPS Director.

Jennifer Keh, EOPS/CARE Specialist

phone: 408.855.5057

email: Jennifer.keh@missioncollege.edu

The EOPS/CARE Specialist coordinates the CARE program and delivers EOPS support services such as the book vouchers, tutorial assistance, and child care service. This position it also responsible for outreach activities to recruit potentially eligible students, and assist them with the admission process.


EOPS Counselors

EOPS Counselors determine students' eligibility, develop individualized educational plans, review and monitor requirements for AA/AS degrees, certificates, and transfer and provide letters of recommendation for students.

Theresa Tran, Full-time EOPS Counselor

phone: 408.855.5061

email: theresa.tran@missioncollege.edu                                         

Alejandro Zavala, Full-time EOPS Counselor

phone: 408.855.5240 

email: alejandro.zavala@missioncollege.edu