Mission College Computer Applications

Dept. Chair: Curtis Pembrook
Email: curtis.pembrook@missioncollege.edu
Tel: 408-855-5275
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Division: Business and Technology
Division Chair: Pat Hudak

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The Computer Applications program at Mission is designed to provide skills necessary for success in the 21st century workplace. This includes a focus on

  • Office Productivity
  • Mobile/web applications and cloud technologies
  • Web markup and client-side scripting languages

The Office Productivity area is designed to provide skills necessary for success in an ever evolving workplace setting.

The Mobile/Web applications and Cloud Technologies area provides skills necessary to effectively extend workplace collaboration, communication, and knowledge.

The Web markup and Client-side scripting languages area prepares students to develop websites and client-side web/mobile applications.

  • Students can take classes on a wide range of application packages offered for the whole semester, online, and for short time periods (five to six weeks).
  • Students can earn a variety of certificates and degrees.
  • Instructors have strong computer backgrounds who care about your success.
  • Classes are offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • There are opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills through internships.
Career Options:
  • Office Manager
  • Help Desk Support
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Web Developer

Some career options may require more than two years of college study.

AS Degree
  • Office Administration
  • Office Information Systems
  • Computer Applications - Level II
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office Administration
  • Office Information Systems
Additional Catalog Information

Check catalog information for Degree/Certificate requirements and course lists.

There's still time to take CA courses for Spring 16. Enroll in the following courses today.

 MS Office 2013

  • CA46E Intermediate MS PowerPoint (1.0 units Online)  (sect. 45498) Begins 3/16
  • CA45A MS Project (Includes Free MS Project 2013 Professional) Online (sect. 45495)  1.0 units, Still has room, Begins on 2/2!
  • CA45B  Intermediate MS Project (Includes Free MS Project 2013 Professional) Online (sect. 45496)  2.0 units (Dates: 3/8-5/24)  
  • CA62B (sect. 45499) still has room. Starts on 2/2! Intro to MS Excel, 1.o units

  • CA63B Intermediate MS Excel (2.0 units)

    • Tu 6:30-9:40pm GC-205 (Sect. 43266) Dates: 3/8 to 5/24

    • Online (Section 45502) Dates: 3/7 to 5/24

Google Apps, Web and JavaScript courses (all online)

  • CA92B  Google Apps (sect. 45505)  2.0 units (Dates: 3/12 to 5/27
  • CA97B &97C  Creating Web Pages with HTML5 & CSS (1.0 units each)
    • 97B Course 2 (sect. 45507) Dates: 3/08 to 4/19
    • 97C Course 3 (sect. 45508) Dates: 4/20 to 5/27
  • CA88B  Intermediate JavaScript for the Web (sect. 45504) 2.0 units (Dates 3/10 to 5/26)

Note: All CA students are welcome to come to the Keyboarding/ Computer lab in GC-202 no matter which CA course they are taking. GC-202 lab hours are M-TH 3:30 to 6:20 PM; T/TH 9:15 AM to 12:05PM & Fridays 8:50AM to 2:20PM.

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