International Student Testimonials

Evans Otieno Odhiambo, Kenya Evans Otieno Odhiambo - Kenya
It is easier to perform well and make good friends at Mission College. A detailed course plan is given at the beginning of all semesters and counselors ensure I take courses that lead to marketable careers in the future. I have made new friends with international students through productive discussion groups and clubs like Mission-Interconnect Club (MIC).
Lam Le Lam Le - Vietnam
Mission College is my second home; all professors and students are my family members. Studying in such a good environment helps me develop myself quickly. I can confidently communicate with the native speakers now. It is a special place for me.
Anja Pernille Stjernebye Zeeshan Tahir -Pakistan
Mission College opened me up to a new and exciting way of thinking and approaching life because I met so many people of different ethnicities and cultures.
Aline Mello (L) and Larissa Avila (R) Aline Mello (L) and Larissa Avila (R) - Brazil
Mission College has been an enriching experience for me. I've gained a new perspective of the world, from the people I've met as well as the talented and proficient teachers. I feel safe here because I know the instructors are working in my favor and it gives me motivation to achieve my goals. (Larissa Ávila)