Mission College Admissions & Records - Payments & Refunds

How Do I Pay Fees / Receive Refunds?

Registration Fee

Mandatory registration fees are determined by the State and/or College's Board of Trustees and the fees must be paid by all students, immediately after registering, and for each term.

Enrollment Fee = $46 per unit (Effective Summer 2012)
Non-Resident Tuition = $204 per unit
Health Fee = $19 per semester (Effective Fall 2012); $15 for Summer Session (Effective Summer 2012)

Campus Center Fee

This fee supports the Campus Center and is assessed at $1 per unit (up to $5 max)

Associated Student Government (ASG) Membership/ID Card Fee

This $7 membership fee charged at the time of registration supports a variety of student services, activities, programs, scholarships, discounts, and it covers the initial cost of the ID card. Should a student choose not to be a member, the fee is refundable when requested by the "refund" deadline. ID cards and stickers are available for pick-up, in the Campus Center Lobby, using proof of enrollment and the students' photo I.D.

ASG Representation Fee

This $1.00 fee per semester, effective Fall 2011, is collected for the purpose of establishing a student representation fee. The proceeds support student government representatives stating their positions and viewpoints before city, county, and district government as well as offices and agencies of the state government. Should a student choose not to be represented, the fee is refundable when requested by the "refund" deadline.

Convenience Fee

A one-time per semester non-refundable fee of $3 is assessed for the use of the My Mission Portal, and in-person credit card payment.

Refund Policy

To be eligible for a refund of enrollment and other fees, students must drop classes by the published deadline.

Dropping classes after the published deadline will result in loss of enrollment fees. Adding classes after the refund deadline will require that new fees are paid. Refunds for ASB card, ASG Representation Fee, and Parking Permits are processed when the request is made at the Admissions & Records Office by the "last day to drop with a refund" deadline. A parking permit refund requires the return of the parking permit. Refunds for Credit Card payments will be returned to the student's credit card. Check and cash payments will be refunded by check and mailed to the student's current home address. It is important that we have a current postal address on file. (The refund process takes 4 to 6 weeks' time, for the check delivery.)

Enrollment fees for short-term classes will be refunded if students drop before 10% of the scheduled class meetings have elapsed. For short-term classes that meet five days or less, students must drop before the first class meeting, in order to receive a refund.

Audit Information

Do not register for a class that you wish to audit. Mission College allows students to audit a course for personal interest, but auditing does not provide course credit. Written permission from the instructor is required, by way of using the Audit Form, before auditing a class. The instructor will determine if the student qualifies as an auditing student, and if the class is one which may be audited. The non-refundable fee for auditing is $15 per unit, payable at the Admissions and Records Office. A class that was officially audited cannot be granted credit. Please refer to the college catalog for Mission College's auditing policy.

Fees for Services

Copy of Class Schedule = $2 per request
Standard Official Transcripts = $6 each (first 2 transcripts are free)
One Hour Rush Transcripts = $20 each
Unofficial Transcripts = $2 per request
Duplicate Diploma = $10 each

Types Of Payments Accepted:

Check - made payable to Mission College. Please note Student ID number.
Credit Cards - MasterCard & Visa
Debit Cards - debit cards with MasterCard or Visa capability.