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English Department Full-time Faculty


Administrative Specialist
Kena Rogers

Department Chair
Margaret Juncker

Interim Dean
Ajani Byrd

First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Jonathan Brennan Faculty English 408-855-5313 SEC-248M
Javier Huerta Faculty English 408-855-5370 SEC-248C
Margaret Juncker Dept Chair English 408-855-5229 SEC-248P
David Lang Faculty English 408-855-5178 SEC-248G
Donnelle McGee Faculty English 408-855-5042 SEC-248L
Erica Morton-Starner Faculty English 408-855-5209 SEC-224C
Christine Ritz Faculty English 408-855-5234 SEC-246D
Ted Shank Faculty English 408-855-5379 SEC-224A
Aram Shepherd Faculty English 408-855-5338 SEC-209C
Sarah Sullivan Faculty English 408-855-5050 SEC-209A
Andy Varbel Faculty English 408-855-5301 SEC-248A
Susan Zeisler Faculty English 408-855-5426 SEC-248N